Good news | Juncess Energy won the 2023 Most Ingenious Energy Storage System Award!


2023-12-12 17:20

From December 11 to 12, 2023, the 8th Annual Photovoltaic Business Hundreds and Thousands Annual Meeting and the 2024 Optical Storage and Charging Procurement Festival with the theme of "Optical Storage and Charging, a New Era" were held grandly in Sun Valley, Dezhou, Shandong. At this year-end event, Juncess Energy won the "Most Ingenious Energy Storage System Award" for its leading energy storage system research and development technology.

Juncess Energy is committed to becoming the world's leading smart energy overall solution provider, providing users with full-scenario, multi-dimensional smart energy system solutions. It focuses on R&D and manufacturing in the field of energy storage, investment and construction of power station projects, and sales of photovoltaic modules. The independently developed SUNVOLLER series of household energy storage systems adopts an integrated design, is easy to install, has a long service life, and can also support off-grid applications, perfectly meeting the diverse needs of users.

Juncess Energy brings energy system solutions for multiple application scenarios and is committed to meeting the changing energy needs of users through leading energy storage products and providing one-stop energy solutions for multiple scenarios of household use around the world. Winning the "Most Ingenious Energy Storage System Award" this time represents the industry and market's high recognition of Juncess Energy's new energy storage technology, and is also a full affirmation of Juncess Energy's continued efforts and innovative spirit.

In the future, facing the rapidly developing demand for household energy storage in multiple scenarios, Juncess Energy will continue to delve into the smart energy life integrating light and storage, and provide more efficient solutions for household multi-scenarios around the world through leading light and storage products and solutions. Intelligent one-stop energy solutions help my country's energy structure transformation and contribute to the new development of the energy storage industry.