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2023-10-10 00:00

Into Juncess !

In June 2014, Juncess Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. was established, dedicated to the distribution of solar modules. In March 2016, it became the first-tier brand authorized gold medal channel provider in the photovoltaic industry. In October 2021, full life cycle management services integrating photovoltaic power plant investment, construction, operation and maintenance became one of Juncess's main businesses. In the same year, it joined the Jiangsu Photovoltaic Industry Association and the Allianz New Energy Chamber of Commerce. In April 2022, in order to further provide users with full-scenario, multi-dimensional energy storage system solutions, we began continuous exploration and research and development of energy storage systems, and launched the highly ingenious household energy storage system series brand SUNVOLLER in 2023.

After more than ten years of accumulation and accumulation in the new energy industry, the core team of Juncess Energy has demonstrated unparalleled response speed and industry focus to the public. The analysis of customer pain points, control of the industry market, and keen sense of product trends are the core competitiveness of the Juncess team.

Learn about Juncess !

Solar module sales: Juncess Energy is an authorized dealer and industry partner of multiple brands such as LONGi, Trina, and JA Solar. It purchases in batches and sets up warehouses at home and abroad to achieve rapid delivery.

Photovoltaic power station investment: Juncess Energy uses advantageous component prices and professional talents in the industry to connect all aspects of project development, financing, risk control, technical survey, engineering construction, operation and maintenance, and deeply binds financial leasing with many banks in the industry Institutions, join hands with green finance to help create clean energy.

Energy storage R&D and manufacturing: In order to further provide users with full-scenario, multi-dimensional energy storage system solutions, Juncess began continuous exploration and research and development of energy storage systems in 2021, and launched the highly ingenious energy storage system in 2023. SUNVOLLER, a series of household energy storage system brands, uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries. It combines functional integration with modular design. It has a long service life, high safety level, and is faster and more convenient to install and expand. The system can support and off-grid applications. The entire system has been comprehensively upgraded to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

Juncess Energy builds mature overseas sales channels for energy storage through component trade, promotes the rooting and proliferation of solar energy storage in the domestic market through project development, and provides users with digital comprehensive management services through its self-built intelligent platform, becoming a company integrating photovoltaic, A comprehensive energy system integrator integrating energy storage, projects and platforms, building an ecological closed loop of the entire new energy industry chain.

Our Vision !

Juncess Energy is determined to become the world's leading comprehensive new energy solution provider, so that more clean energy can benefit thousands of households, more companies can benefit from the gifts of nature, and more clean energy can purify the common future.

In June, we rise to the occasion, just like the rising sun on the sea in the morning. The vast ocean breeds endless hope, and the rising sun symbolizes vigorous development.

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