Logistics support



Household energy storage system has developed into an integrated solution. Integrated photovoltaic panels can effectively capture solar energy. By incorporating solar panels into these systems, users can reduce their dependence on the grid and decrease the cost of solar panels over time. This integrated solution of Juncess Energy not only enhances energy independence, but also provides an economical and efficient solution for renewable energy generation and storage at the household level.


International Freight Forwarding



Sea Freight Import & Export, Land Freight Import & Export, Air Freight Import & Export All

Route Booking.

Import and Export Customs

Clearance Services


Customs clearance, inspection, and various

types of licenses.

Warehousing & Logistics



Bonded Warehousing, General Warehousing,

Dedicated /LTL Transportation

(less-than-truckload transportation).

Full Supply Chain Service in China

and Europe


We have a joint venture subsidiary and

supporting warehouse in the Netherlands /

Germany / Belgium / Spain / Poland / Italy, with

professional and efficient teams to provide

customs clearance, warehousing and local

delivery services, full

point-to-point service to reassure customers.

Supply Chain Financial



Exchange Rate Risk Management, Agency of 

Receipt and Payment of Foreign Exchange,

Overseas Purchases Payment of Imported

Goods, Tax Refunds and Advance Payment of

Taxes on Exported Goods, Agency of Insurance Services, Order Financing, Agency of Issuance/

Receipt of L/C.