What?There's a Cyber Dragon Boat here?!


2024-06-07 14:11

At the beginning of the summer, Juncess Energy organized a unique “Cyber Dragon Boat Rowing” activity at the Dragon Boat Festival, which is an annual traditional Chinese festival. We came together to show their talents and have a wonderful time.

To start with, Ms.Chang, General Manager of Juncess Energy, made a short speech and send holiday greetings and sincere wishes to us. The ‘Cyber Dragon Boat Rowing’ activity was centered around the six lakes in Suzhou. We rode in the electronic dragon boats and passed through these lakes, where we took part in the following activities: guessing Chinese idioms with emoji, drawing, listening and knowing the song, guessing a movie with a clip, taking part in the international quiz, and so on. Everyone was enthusiastically involved in the exciting activities, everywhere overflowing with festive joy.

In this warm traditional Chinese festival, we are grateful and cherish the wonderful time with everyone. At the same time, we also bring this spirit of unity and mutual assistance into our work and together contribute to the prosperity and development of Juncess Energy. Happy Dragon Boat Festival and may this day bring you blessings and good fortune!