Juncess Energy: Pakistan Trip - Another New Chapter in Overseas Development


2024-03-25 17:56

From the end of February to the beginning of March, the core team of Juncess Energy investigate the market in Pakistan. Through this trip, Juncess Energy has gained a deeper understanding of the PV industry in Pakistan. Pakistan has a natural advantage in the development of solar energy industry as they have abundant and high-quality solar energy resources. Renewable energy industry is booming because of the huge demand for electricity. As the core country of the Belt and Road, there is a deeper economic relationship between China and Pakistan. Judging from the multiple favorable renewable energy policies issued by the government, PV energy industry of Pakistan has great potential to be explored.

From February 26th to 29th, Juncess Energy set off for Peshawar, Pakistan to visit the solar market and learn about the development of local PV energy. Afterwards, Juncess Energy continued the journey. They visited the local solar market in Lahore and attended the Pakistan Solar Exhibition. After the few days research, Juncess Energy has gained an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and continues to expand its products and services in Pakistan.

From March 1st to 5th, under the leadership of General Manager Ms. Chang, Juncess Energy visited some famous new energy companies as well as their manufacturing bases in Islamabad and had high-quality negotiations with their leaders. Relying on the great reputation of Juncess Energy in Pakistan for decades, we have reached a deep cooperation. Juncess Energy has faith in the development of the energy market in Pakistan.

In Karachi, from March 6th to 8th, Juncess Energy team met with key figures in the local energy industry and senior decision makers in both public and private departments, and negotiated with local companies about setting up a manufacturing base in Pakistan to promote Juncess Energys own brand among industry professionals and end-users.

Juncess Energy has gained the trust of local new energy manufacturers of Pakistan in that it has been deeply cultivated the Pakistan market for more than one decade and has built up high prestige in the local energy industry. Through the trip to Pakistan, Juncess Energy has also achieved ideal cooperation results with large number of customers. Juncess Energy will continue to plough into the new energy industry in Pakistan and promote the development of the local photovoltaic energy industry.