Juncess Year-end Summary Party and SUNVOLLER Series Energy Storage System Product Launch Conference


2024-01-16 16:40

On January 9, the 2023 Juncess Energy year-end summary party and SUNVOLLER series energy storage system product launch conference were grandly held at Suzhou Tantai Lake Hotel. With the theme of "Draining Sources and Dredging Currents, and Creating New Energy Storage", this evening party invited experts and colleagues in the optical storage industry to witness the growth of Juncess Energy and explore the development opportunities and cooperation prospects of the future energy storage market.

The party kicked off with a wonderful year-end summary video. Ms. Chang Yun, general manager of Juncess Energy, made an opening speech and first expressed her gratitude to all the guests for coming! Then we reviewed and summarized the development history of Juncess Energy, looked forward to 2024, and clarified the development direction of the next stage. In the future, Juncess will leverage its industry advantages and continue to focus on energy storage manufacturing, power station investment and component distribution. Adhere to the integration of optical and storage, achieve zero carbon, build independent brands, and persist in going global. Compatible with upstream and downstream, ultimately achieving a win-win situation!

During the unveiling session, Ms. Chang and Ms. Hong Yan, director of the Management Committee of Suzhou Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone and chairman of Suzhou Wuzhong Economic Development Investment Promotion Co., Ltd., jointly unveiled the mystery of SUNVOLLER energy storage system products. Immediately afterwards, Chang Liangjun, the company's vice president of technology, gave a detailed explanation of the SUNVOLLER energy storage system. From the integrated energy storage machine to the string energy storage series products, they all have both good looks, safety and efficiency, flexible configuration, and integrated design, providing users with full-scenario, multi-dimensional smart energy system solutions.

At this evening party, Mr. Bai, the energy project development director of Shanghai China Energy Construction, gave a special sharing on the current situation and development of the optical storage market, showing us the broad prospects of optical storage technology.

At the party, Mr. Zhang, project engineer of TUV North Germany East Region, personally issued the TUV authorization certificate to Juncess. At the same time, Oral Photovoltaic manager Xu Hongyang also awarded Juncess the award of "Oral Photovoltaic's Most Ingenious Energy Storage System", which is fully it demonstrates that the research and development of SUNVOLLER energy storage system has been widely recognized by all walks of life. This is the best proof of Juncess's continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence.

The vigorous development of Juncess Energy cannot be separated from the hard work of every employee and team. At the party, Huang Hairong, deputy general manager of Juncess Energy, and Sun Min, deputy general manager, presented awards to the partners who won the Shining Newcomer Award and the Outstanding Employee Award, thanking them for their hard work and outstanding contributions.

At the end of the party, we used a short film "You and Me Together" to show another role played by Juncess team members in life, and to feel the cohesion and personal charm of Juncess team. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every Juncess employee for their dedication and efforts!